2 Fold Heavy Duty Wheelchair Scooter Aluminium Access Ramps Easily Stowed

Folding Suitcase Ramp


Aluminium folding  wheelchair ramp that provide wheelchair access over kerbs and steps, perfect for disabled access. Maximum gradient = 1 in 6 although 1 in 8 is recommended. Provided with safety edges. Internal width 715mm and total width 720mm.

Load Height: This is the vertical measurement from the ground to where you rest the ramp onto.
Manual Wheelchairs:
Minimum recommended gradient: 1:6

Example: for a 1ft load height you'll need a 6ft long ramp.

Mobility Scooters:

Minimum recommended gradient: 1:8 (Ramp needs to be longer due to the low ground clearance)

Example: for a 1ft load height you'll need an 8ft long ramp.
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