25mm² Black or Red 170A 12-24v HiFlex Battery cable Weld Inverter Auto 322/0.3

All Electrical Cable is sold by Surface Area mm² NOT Diameter.

If you need a specific Diameter please ask

25mm² Hi Flex Battery Cable Overall Diameter 9.75mm

Hi Flex Battery Cable To CE Standards, Made in EU

322/0.3  170amp

Semi rigid battery Welding inverter cables, with denser, less flexible plain copper conductor stranding,

 And a PVC outer sheath, which is resistant to abrasion, moisture, petrol/diesel, oil and

Diluted acids. The working temperature range is -15°C to +70°C and the cable is available with either Black or Red outer PVC Sheath.

BATR/25BATR/40BATR/601537/0.718.  0105 Nominal Conductor Area(mm²) Conductor Stranding

(No. of Wires/Diameter mm) Cable Dimensions(mm) Conductor Nominal Current Rating (Amps) 2537/0.99.  71704061/0.911.83006061/1.1313.8415 Code BAT/2 5A

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