Solar Cable Single 10mm² EN50618 Black Double insulated Per Metre One Length

Solar Panel PV cable is a double insulated single core cable allowing simple, quick connection of solar modules, speeding installation time and eliminating wiring errors.

Photo voltaic cables are manufactured to European standard EN 50618 and have a harmonised code of H1Z2Z2-K which replaces the previous TÜV approval for PV1-F cable. PV cables are intended for wiring the DC sections of interconnecting power supplies within renewable energy photo voltaic systems such as solar panel arrays in solar energy farms of all sizes. Designed for installation at the Direct Current (DC) side of the array with a nominal DC voltage of up to 1.5KV between conductors and up to 1.8 KV between conductor and earth.

The materials chosen for use in PV systems have been selected to ensure that they can withstand the environmental, voltage and current conditions at which they may be expected to operate, including the heating effects of both current and sun which gives them an expected life cycle of circa 25 years once installed correctly. EN 50618 specifies Single core flexible tin-coated copper conductors, double insulated with cross linked low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) insulation and sheath. The sheathing has a thicker wall than the previous PV1-F cable version. Solar panel PV cables are suitable for fixed installations, both internal and external, and within conduits or systems.

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